Weight Management

Do you know most of the diseases are triggered by obesity? Weight is not just about body shape but it is also about inner health. Some people have a bulky body despite them weighing average. Healthy weight depends on your BMI or body mass index. Age, height and sex are three factors on which body weight depends. Weight management is about achieving a healthy weight either by losing some pounds or gaining some. Find the best weight management advice from expert nutritionists and dietitians here. From weight loss tips to weight gain foods, you’ll get what you are looking for.

Weight Loss

These days, most people are on a weight loss spree. The majority of them are trying to achieve a toned body and others are willing to get rid of their overweight or obese body. Either way, shedding some pounds to get a slim and fit body is always a great idea.

Weight Loss Diets
Just like how weight loss is different for individuals, there are different diet plans designed for weight loss. Take a look at some of the popular weight-loss diets:

  • Intermittent Fasting- This is the most effective weight loss diet so far with promising results. One is required to observe fast for 16 hours with an eating window of only 8 hours. 
  • Keto Diet- This is a popular weight loss diet plan that requires you to cut down carbs and eat more fats in your diet. The body produces ketones to cut down fat.
  • Mediterranean Diet- This diet emphasizes eating plant-based produces like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, etc. 
  • Ayurvedic Diet- This is based on ayurvedic principles promoting the consumption of vegetarian meals with low-fat foods.

Weight Loss Exercises
Weight loss cannot be achieved alone with diet. You also need to do physical labour to get visible results. Here are some exercising tips for weight loss that can help you lose weight faster:

  • Walking- One of the easiest physical activity for fitness and weight loss is walking. If you are adopting a healthy lifestyle, just 30 minutes of a daily brisk walk are enough to burn calories.
  • Jogging & Running- To get better results and burn more calories than walking, jog and run daily. This builds your stamina and makes you more fit.
  • Cycling- Either indoors or outdoors, cycling is a must. It improves leg strength, boosts stamina and aids weight loss.
  • Yoga- For gradual weight loss, nothing is better than yoga. Search for the best yoga asanas for weight loss.
  • Weight Training- To build a robust body while on a weight-loss mission, do weight training.

Weight Gain Diet

There are some people who weigh below average according to their BMI. They are called underweight. This is as concerning as being overweight because underweight people are at a greater risk of malnutrition. A lean body is fine but underweight is not. If you are looking to increase your weight, here are some recommendations for you:

  • Eat frequent meals: Instead of having 2-3 large meals have 5-6 smaller meals. However, you must eat only healthy foods and not junk or processed meals.
  • Have a balanced diet: Include all the nutrients in your diet to gain weight nutritionally. This ensures that you are not depriving your body of essential nutrients.
  • Have shakes and smoothies instead of aerated beverages and caffeine: Milk has good fats that would help in increasing your weight healthily. Use seasonal fruits and frozen fruits to make these.
  • Have snacks in between: Whenever you feel hungry, have snacks like nuts, peanut butter toast, avocado toast, etc. You are also free to have cheese but in moderation.
  • Increase calories: Add foods like scrambled eggs, cheese roles, soups and stews to add calories.