Healthy Diet

One of the major pillars of well-being is a healthy diet. You can attain a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy diet. If your diet is right, you would be least prone to illnesses. Healthy eating is very important for one and all irrespective of age and gender. It provides you with the essential nutrients that promote optimal growth and development. You must keep dietary recommendations in mind while planning your meal to not miss out on nutrition. This section covers everything that falls under diet be it foods & their benefits, healthy recipes, dietary tips for health conditions, etc. You would everything related to healthy eating here.

Diet For Women

Do you know that dietary needs are different for different people? Women require more nutrition as compared to men. Also, there are some nutrients that are a must for women that should miss out on healthy living. While trying to balance family demands and professional deadlines, women often fail to manage their diet. In order to boost health, manage hormones, prevent age-related diseases, a healthy diet is a must. Here are some nutrients that women should take:

  • Calcium- The levels drop with advancing age and therefore women should consume ample amount of calcium.
  • Vitamin D- It helps in metabolising calcium.
  • Iron- Women require twice the iron as men do to prevent anaemia.
  • Vitamin B9 or Folate- Women who are planning pregnancy must take this vitamin. Besides, it also cuts down cancer and heart disease risk in women.
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids- It is great for skincare and hair care along with overall health. These also promote a healthy pregnancy.

Diet for Men

Most men are negligent about their diet and nutrition. They hardly care about what’s on their plate unless they are into fitness. While running errands, they run out on nutrition and which is why they must know what is the right diet for them according to their age to prevent age-related physical and mental health decline. Here is a list of essential nutrients for men:

  • Calcium- For stronger bones, you need to add calcium-rich foods to your diet.
  • Folate- Not just women but folate is also important for men. It helps in synthesizing protein, forming red blood cells and prevent unhealthy sperm changes. Men who are trying to embrace fatherhood must have folate.
  • Vitamin D- This vital vitamin helps in building muscles and strengthening immunity.
  • Potassium- For men with a stressful lifestyle, potassium is a must. It helps in blood pressure regulation.
  • Zinc- Men who are vegetarian are found to be low on zinc as it is readily absorbed in the body through meat than vegetarian resources.

Diet for Children

While healthy eating ensures healthy living in elders, it is imperative in speeding up optimal growth and development in children. Most kids are picky eaters as they aren’t been taught to eat everything healthy and nutritious. They are supposed to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals, especially in their growing years. Follow this list to know what should be there in the diet for children:

  • Protein- Good source of protein such as eggs, milk, nuts, chicken, etc. should be added to their diet to boost the immune system and promote muscle & tissue growth.
  • Iron- This is essential in increasing the production of red blood cells in a kid’s body. Besides, iron consumption also prevents anaemia which is common in kids after women.
  • Calcium- For stronger bones, your kid must consume calcium. Other than giving them milk daily, make them eat cottage cheese(paneer), fortified soy milk and some dry cereals.
  • Good fats- This is a must for kids as it helps in improving metabolism, proper absorption of nutrients and preventing blood clotting.