Yoga for Beginners – A complete Yoga Guide

Yoga for Beginners – A complete Yoga Guide

Yoga for Beginners: The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means the union of one’s consciousness or soul or spirit. Some people think yoga as physical exercise, but it can change your way of life.

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Yoga for Beginners At Home – A complete Yoga Guide

Yoga was developed by the Indus-Sarasvathi civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. Generally yoga is based on the development of body, mind and spirit. It’s not a religion. Let’s know about yoga for beginners at home, importance of yoga and yoga mudra.

What Is Yoga?

Are you a fresher to the Yoga activity? Are you a beginner in Yoga? It means “union” of your body, mind and spirit. Yoga is an art and also it’s related to science. It controls your mind and makes you to relax. People who are with short temper are advised for these yoga classes. It makes your spirit and mind to calm. It improves your breathing and flexibility in the body.

Yoga can be practiced anytime in the day, but doing it in the morning gives more benefits. Practicing it with proper knowledge is very important, or else it results in improper digestion or it may cause some changes in your health. The best way to practice yoga is in the morning.

Importance of Yoga and What is The Use of Yoga

Doing yoga helps your body healthy and fit. It is useful for benefiting all aspects of your life by making you physically healthy and mentally as breathing exercise.

Nowadays doctors advise their patients to start practicing yoga because of its positive effects. Some of the physical benefits are flexibility of body, increasing strength, preventing aches, improving muscle tone and much more.

Yoga is a great activity for school students. It should be a part of their regular activities. It’s an ancient method of relaxation of your human body.

The magical power of yoga works not only with students but also for old age people for reducing their blood pressure, increasing blood circulations and burning of bad cholesterol.

Latest Trends in Yoga

In this machine world people forget to take care of their health. They rely more on man-made machines than themselves. Some of the latest trends in Yoga are Aerial Yoga which gives great flexibility, better focus and challenging, gives strength to your muscles.

The next comes the Paddle Yoga, Laughter Yoga which is a unique routine that combines laughter exercises with breathing. Ten minutes of this Yoga is equal to a powerful cardio workout.

Yoga Asanas for Beginners at Home

If you are new to Yoga, start your exercise with some of the beginner poses. Before starting your yoga class things to be followed are:

Yoga is a new dimension to life

Dress comfortable

Be a regular yoga practice

Warm up yourself

There are various poses in Yoga, but some of them are mainly for beginners. As a beginner first stretch, bend, breathe, relax. Some of them are:

Tadasana Yoga: In this pose you should make your body in the shape of a mountain. This is the first basic asana for beginners. Standing with your heels slightly apart, gently lift your toe and body. Balance your body on the weight of the feet. Now you look like a mountain.

Vrikshasana Yoga: This pose gives you the sense of a tree. By doing this, you can improve your balance and it also gives strength to your legs and back.

Adho mukha svanasana: It’s a downward facing dog pose. In this pose you stretch your hamstrings, chest and lengthen the spine, providing additional blood flow to your head. It makes you feel energized.

Trikonasana Yoga Pose: It stretches your legs and torso and promotes deep breathing. Ensure that your body is bent sideward and not backwards. Keep your waist straight.

Some of the others are Kursiasana in which you bent your body in chair pose, Naukasana, Bhujangasana, Paschimottanasana, Child’s pose and the last one is Sukhasana.

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Yoga Mudras Will Be A Part of Your Life

Yoga poses will really you fall in love with it. Beginner yoga poses will help you to create a strong basement. From basic to advance they are vast collection of pose in yoga.

The advanced yoga mudra is more challenging for experts. You can browse your daily yoga mudra (yoga poses) and follow the instructions step by step to enhance your practice.

Can You Lose Belly Fat By Doing Yoga And For Fast Weight Loss?

The answer for is question is definitely “YES”. Belly fat is a sign of unhealthiness. Regular practice of yoga helps you to have a strong and flatter stomach. That’s why yoga for belly fat is considered very beneficial.

Yoga can boost weight loss. It’s a natural way of losing your body weight. Yoga also helps you to trim your waist. Practicing Yoga helps you to change your lifestyle and create a healthy way of living.

Yoga For Shaping body and Glamour Looks

By seeing this heading you may think “Does it really work”? Absolutely yes. Have you ever seen Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty yoga structure, the magic of their flexible body and glamour looks all the credits goes to yoga.

Yoga is much loved practice by Bollywood celebrities. Not only them but many of Hollywood celebrities who practice yoga looks fit and healthy even at their old age.

Not only Indian American does practice yoga to keep their body fit and healthy. Yoga helps them to look glamorous and also to give a stylish look of their body.

Yoga as Medicine

Yoga is medicine also known as Yoga Therapy. We practice yoga as medicine and also for curing diseases. An expert has been organizing yoga related workshops for the awareness of people.

Since the natural drugs are made of chemical methods, for some diseases doctors prefer their patients to practice yoga.

As we have the proverb “Health is Wealth”, one should treasure health. There are many books written by experts and doctors for people to practice yoga at home by themselves.

Yoga As An Indian Heritage

Yoga is an Indian heritage. The origins of Yoga have back from the Vedic Indian traditions as mentioned in Rig-Veda. Yoga gurus from India later introduced to the west.

Now yoga has become popular in Western World. Yoga is an Indian tradition, rather than physical fitness it is practiced for the meditational and spiritual core.

10 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners At Home

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