What is Meditation and How to Meditate for Beginners

What is Meditation and How to Meditate for Beginners

What is Meditation: Hello friend, I inform you about self-awareness, health and spirituality So, in today’s article, I will give you information about meditation.

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What is Meditation and How to Meditate for Beginners

So I got some idea about meditation and decided to write an article about meditation. So, I will first talk about what I believe is meditation my view about it and how we can apply that to our daily lives.

And the second article will be more tips on how to meditate and a few more techniques on that. So guys, I have to say that I’m not a master in this topic. I also consider myself a beginner because I’m also more learning about it but I think sharing my experience here can help a few of you.

Meditation Experiences

And before I use to think that meditation was only for moms and this kind of people but after starting my seeking for self-knowledge and self-awareness I realized that meditation is for everybody and can help us a lot in our lives.

So I realized there is a misconception of our meditation because we tend to think that meditation is to concentrate and to focus ourselves and not thinking about anything, but actually meditation is not to put any effort in anything because if we’re putting an effort and we are anxious about it we are not doing it properly.

I think this is only for more advanced levels, I can not do that yet but instead, you need to be the watcher of your thoughts and without attaching to them and realizing that you are not your thoughts, you’re not your mind so by meditation.

I understand that we need to be the watcher and realize that we are not our thoughts we are not our minds and then we’ll stop being influenced by our minds because actually we tend to attach to our thoughts to think about the future with anxiety.

That’s what meditation is about, you release this to let it go and just be in the present moment. Because the present moment is everything we have so it’s the time of your day that you’re going to take to be the watcher.

The watcher of your thoughts your feelings your emotions your memories your sensations and you just be what you truly are so it’s a time that we can let go of everything, all the concepts we think we are and all the concepts we think other people think about.

Because we are not that and we’ll be only the Watchers and then we’ll start connecting with our essence and who we truly are and with this love energy.

So for me, it’s a little bit different from those relaxation techniques like guided meditations for example because guided meditations make you think or imagine something and meditation has a proposal of avoiding attaching to your thoughts instead.

So meditation is training you need to keep doing it every day and you realize that you are getting better. But don’t be hard on yourself just let it flow and don’t be anxious about it because you’re gonna feel the result if you keep practicing.

It just to be persistent and for those who don’t have time to set aside a specific time to meditate what. I recommend is to start practicing, it on your daily activities.

Because how many times really realized that we are doing a lot of things at once and then we don’t even remember what we did or if we are eating something then we realize we didn’t even feel the food or enjoy the food.

So take an activity of your day to be in the present moment so, for example, take your breakfast as an experience to be in the present moment so be the watcher of everything of the flavors of your food, of the temperature the smells what your body’s feeling and everything just is in the present moment.

You can do that while you’re taking a shower for example so pay attention on the water following you on your body the texture of the soap on your skin the touch of your hands. This is also meditation so if you can be in the present moment and pay attention in everything, that is going on around you, now without thinking about what you have to do tomorrow and without worrying about something you did.

And then you’re gonna feel that anxiety will be removed from your life at least in that moment and you stop being worried about things you stop being so hard on yourself as well and that’s why meditation is so good for us.

Because the more we can practice the lighter will be our lives and you’re gonna feel that if you start doing that every day even if you start doing it five minutes per day you’re gonna feel the difference in your life.

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Best Books on Meditation

And for those who want to go deeper into this topic. I would recommend a few books here the books from Eckhart Tolle, I read the power of now already and it’s really good. Now I’m reading a new earth book and it’s really good as well his books focus exactly on that how to be in the present moment and let it go of our mind concepts and thoughts and what I’m doing is listening to the audiobook because he is narrating that books himself and you can feel his energy.

Another suggestion will be the books of Osho he has a lot of books talking about meditation and I like the line of meditation he follows as well.

And the next article I’ll be talking more about the tips on how to meditate if you want to set aside at least a few minutes of your day to start practicing meditation so I’ll enter more in the techniques of the meditation so make sure you reading next article as well.

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