What Is The Purpose of Yoga?

Different people have different perceptions and purposes of doing yoga. For some people, it is just a method of staying fit and healthy. While for some people it is a method to keep calm and stress-free.

Yoga is the Best Methodology to Access

What Did The Sages Say?

Yoga Bhavati Duhkkaha

Swami Chidananda’s Yoga Moves

According to Swami Chidananda, the practice of Yoga generates harmony in the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual aspects of a human. Yoga is said to have eight limbs, just like how we have our limbs.

These eight limbs are as under:

1. Yama (moral restraints) 2. Niyama (spiritual observances) 3. Asana (posture) 4. Pranayama (regulation of breath) 5. Pratyahara (withdrawal of mind from external objects) 6. Dharana (concentration on one object) 7. Dhyana (meditation) 8. Samadhi (Supreme Harmony)

Patanjali a Famous Yoga Scientist

Patanjali, a Yoga guru of the ancient times is considered the most knowledgeable guru in Yogic Science. In Yoga Sutras, he describes yoga as “the enlightened calming of the disturbances or turbulences of the mind.”

Going A Fast the Mind – Meditation

Meditation, or the Raja yoga, emphasizes on the fact that if one concentrate on something (literally “something”), he attains at the phase when he is disconnected with the material world and crosses the stage of individuality to reach the stage of universality.

What Is The Purpose of Yoga?