Tips For White Skin and Beauty Skin Complexion

Tips For White Skin and Beauty Skin Complexion

Natural Tips for white skin Fairness and Beauty Skin Complexion

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Tips For White Skin and Beauty Skin Complexion

Best Natural Tips To White Skin Fairness

Every one like to be fair, before going to read about Natural Tips for White Skin and natural tips for fair complexion you should know about some basics of our skin and its colour.

There are there different pigments in our body they are called melanin pigment, carotene pigment and hemoglobin pigment.

Melanin is a skin pigment. Carotene is a pigment present in the dead cells and hemoglobin is a blood pigment. Accumulation of more Melanin pigments changes the skin colour into dark.

Carotene gives yellowish shade to your skin and the hemoglobin changes the colour into reddish or pinkish. If you are living in a temperate zone the skin usually changes into dark due to sun tanning.

In this situation our body produces more melanin pigments to product from the harm UV rays. Natural tips for white skin & fairness suggest you some ideas to prevent the melanin production in a natural way with out disturbing our body protective mechanism.

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Natural Fairness Tips for Sun Tanning

The first natural tips for white skin & fairness is stay away from Sunlight. You can naturally prevent the excess production of melanin by staying away from sunlight.

This will reduce melanin production and give with skin lightening. While you are going out, don’t allow the UV rays to enter your skin, cover your body as much as possible.

Natural Tips For Fairness of Skin

You can do cast off outer skin. The outer skin layer is accumulated with more melanin which makes it to look black. The method of removing pigmented outer skin is called Exfoliation method.

You can use some facial scrubs and essential oils to practice this method. This method will help you to get rid of dead cells and bring back your skin original tone.

In the third step you chance darker skin complexion to light. This is not a single day treatment. It takes about more than three months to get good result. You should take some special care in face, hands and neck areas because it is more exposed to sunlight.

Select some natural skin lighteners and use for three months regularly with our skipping even for a day. You can see the colour change gradually. If you stopped using natural skin lighteners, the skin colour comes to original with in a week.

Natural Skin Lighteners

  • Equal Mixture of Lemon Juice and Rose Water
  • Oatmeal and tomato powder combination
  • lemon juice and Sandalwood powder
  • Cucumber juice and tomato juice
  • Lemon Juice and banana

Natural Tips for Fair Complexion

Here I have stated some natural beauty tips for white skin naturally you can also use this with natural skin lighteners.

1. Prepare green gram powder at home. Take 150gm green gram powder add 5tsp of turmeric powder and 5tsp of lemon juice. Mix well and apply like a body scrub for full body. Leave it for 10 minute and take bath with warm water.

2. Green gram flour is the best alternative for bathing soap. It is a natural soap which act against body dust and pollution. Use Green gram flour mixed with rose water for sunlight exposed areas like your neck, hands and face.

This is the best natural tips for fairness of hands and the regular use changes your skin complexion without any side effects.

3. The combination of Turmeric powder and lemon juice are the best medicine for many skin problems. Prepare a face pack recipe using turmeric powder, bengal gram powder and lemon juice and apply for your face to get rid of all skin problems. Turmeric is the main ingredient in most of the sunscreen lotions and natural herbal bleach products.

4. The best natural tips for white skin for men is using milk. Fresh milk mixed with green gram powder tightens the loose skin and good moisturizer too. The hard skin found in the face can soft by applying milk and green gram mixture paste.

5. Application of lemon juice is another natural tips for fair and glowing skin. It is having antioxidants. The outer dark skin can be removed by the application of lemon juice. Practice this regularly before going to apply any commercial skin lighteners.

Follow this simple and Natural Tips for White Skin & Fairness and Beauty Skin Complexion to change your skin tone and look fair.

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