Symptoms of Urine Infection – Causes and Treatment of Urine Infection

Symptoms of Urine Infection – Causes and Treatment of Urine Infection

You can get all the important information related to kidney disease in Happy Health India. Today, we will tell you about the relation between urine infection and kidney problems. The most significant sign of kidney problems comes with changes in urination or the problems related to urination. In which one sign is a urine infection.

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Symptoms of Urine Infection

The Urine Infection

Urinary tract infection, the disease is seen as more commonly in women than in men. This problem appears in women with aging, but especially after menopause. There are a lot of changes in hormones after menopause, which increases the chances of infection. It can affect any part of the vicinity. Mostly due to e-coli bacteria, this problem has been observed. Also, the cause of urinary tract infection (UTI) in women, bacteria enter the urinary bladder, causing excessive burning in the vagina when urinating.

Upon having a urine problem, you should consult the doctor immediately and get yourself diagnosed and learn about your disease. Due to urine infection occurs the bacterial infection.

Those who have a weak immune system or those with yeast or fungal infection may develop a urine infection. Because of urine infections, sometimes the risk of Urinary tract infection or UTI also gets increased. Both the infections increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease. So, now we will know you about the symptoms of urine infection.

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Signs and Symptoms of Urine Infection / UTI

What are the symptoms of urine infection in female and male, For Example,

First is when passing the urine you feel pain or itchiness.

The Second is visible signs of blood or protein in the urine.

The third is frequent urination can also be the signs of urine infection.

Fourth is the foul smell in the urine.

Fifth is that you may notice the frequent sensation such that you may want to excrete the urine, but not able to do so.

Sixth is that you may notice a change in the color of the urine during an infection.

Seventh, the bacteria in the urine gets passed along with the urine but if your kidney is not working properly, then you will notice bubbles or foaminess in the urine. When you feel or notice that you have developed urine infection, then consult doctor as soon as possible.

Eighth is that because of drinking less water you may notice urine infection developing in the body. So, drink an adequate amount of water each day. Last is cramping or pressure in the lower abdomen or lower back. That means you may notice pressure on the lower parts of the stomach or the back.

If you have urine infection, then you can follow some preventive measures. For example sex. Prevent from getting intimate with your partner for sometime. Next is to drink more and more water.

Besides, prevent yourself from consuming coffee, tea, and any spicy food. Last, don’t take a bath with cold water instead use lukewarm water you can also use a heating pad in the lower parts of the stomach to soothe the pain with heat.

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Urinary Infection Relief

To get relief from the urine infection, you can also adopt two home remedies.

For example drink too much water as this will let you pass frequent urine By doing this, bacteria will be flushed out of the body. For sometime apply heat to the lower stomach as this will give you relief in pain.

And the next is consume cranberries. The nutrients in cranberry prevent bacteria and infection apparently from growing because of which the risk of developing the kidney disease also gets reduced.

So, today we told you about the relationship between urine infection and  kidney disease. If you found this article useful, then don’t forget to share and if you have any query then you can write it at the comment below or you can contact Happy Health India.

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