Quick Home Remedies For Cold and Flu Tablets Name

Quick Home Remedies For Cold and Flu Tablets Name

Home remedies for Cold and Flu: In this article happy health india is going to show you some very simple and Quick remedies that we use in our own home to help soothe and ease our cold and flu symptoms when we get sick.

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Quick Home Remedies For Cold and Flu Tablets Name

Ginger Honey Tea

Ginger Honey Tea is the best way to boost our immune system. The ginger and the honey combination is amazing, in which, honey acts as a natural antibiotic and ginger helps cure the painful inflammation.

Lemon is also loaded with vitamin C and can help boost our immune system. So this is a great cocktail to kill cold and flu.

How We Make It

We used about 1 cup of ginger roots, but you can reduce the quantity if you don’t like the taste this much.

  • Now peel the skin off of the ginger then,
  • Cut it into small cubes,
  • once you cut it into cubes you’ll want to set it aside and grab some lemon.

We used about two lemons in this recipe but you can use more if you like, then you want to take about a half cup to 1 cup of honey depending on your desired taste and add it to about 4 to 5 cups of water just add all of the ingredients in the pot together.

You can add the honey afterwards if you like, but we like to add it while it’s boiling. Then bring it to a boil and let it boil for about 20 to 25 minutes and then you’re ready to pour it into your cup.

It’ll make a whole pot which will be enough for the whole family or you will have more left throughout the day.

Natural Cough Syrup

This one is super simple and only has a few ingredients.

  • The first ingredient is an organic lemon or LEMONS! You will need multiple lemons.
  • Raw Organic Honey,
  • Cold Press Organic coconut oil and
  • Optionally cayenne pepper.

So one and a half cups of honey (raw Organic Honey), half a cup of coconut oil and then you’ll want to strain out any seeds, and just squeeze them in, we used about three to four lemons, and you’ll notice it won’t combine very well.

So you’ll need to place it on the stove on low-medium heat, remember not try to boil it you’re just trying to combine ingredients and you’ll notice the consistency will change and it will be combined! that is all we’re trying to do! Then pour it into a jar and it’s ready for use, you can add your cayenne pepper at this point by the way! but we left it out for the Kids, so kids can also consume it and then you are done!

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Garlic Honey On a Spoon

This is more of a Quick tip than anything but it’s just crushing up a half clove of garlic, putting it on a tablespoon, adding some raw organic honey and then taking it just like that it will help boost your immune system, take it once or twice a day.

Cold and Flu Tablets Name

1. Crocin cold and flu
2. Nicip cold and flu
3. Cheston cold and flu
4. Alergin cold and flu
5. Panadol cold and flu panadol

Friends, today we gave you in this article homemade solutions is going to show you some very simple and Quick remedies that we use in our own home to cure Cold and Flu. How did you like our home remedies for cold and flu information, if you would like to read more then comment down below about any topic.

Disclaimer: All information is good but you should do it only after consulting your doctor. Otherwise use them with your own responsibility.

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