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Max Bupa Health Companion Plan & Review

I will also talk about Max Bupa’s Health Companion Plan, special features and benefits of this max bupa health insurance plan.

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Max Bupa Health Companion Plan & Review – Happy Health India

Max Bupa has bring, health companion plan for you, which is a thoughtful plan for thoughtful people, it is a value for money plan. Apart from it, this plan provide you some unique features also, And the best thing about this plan is, that, this plan provides you the benefits of an Accidental emergency cover from Day 1.

Hope you guys already know that, our health can affect us any time due to many factors, like pollution adulteration and healthy lifestyle and our some addictive habits, this is why this Max Bupa Health companion plan covers accidental medical emergency without any waiting period.

Max Bupa Health Companion Plan Review

=>  Pre Hospitalization – 30 Days

=>  Post Hospitalization – 60 Days

=>  Initial Waiting Period – 30 Days

=>  Specific Diseases – Months

=>  2 Adults and 4 Children are also Covered

It also provides you the facility of pre and post hospitalization. It means before you get hospitalized there are few expenses which you get in your pre medical home treatment this plan also covers those expenses upto 30 days.

Apart from this when you get discharge from hospital and go back to your home,  then you also get some expenses regarding your post medical treatment at your home, expenses like medicines of patient doctors fees and diagnostic test etc.

This plan also covers these expenses upto 60 days. Now comes the inpatient hospitalization, which covers room charges, ICU charges operation charges and oxygen blood Anaesthesia, you get all these charges covered in this plan up to sum insured.

All day care treatment facility is available in this plan, all day care treatments means those treatments which are done in less than 24 hours. In such treatments patient is not required to get admitted in the hospital.

Covered – Up to Sum Insured

=> In-Patient Treatment

=> All Day Care

=> Organ Transplant

=> Emergency Ground Ambulance

=> Domiciliary Hospitalization

=> Animal Bite – Max 7500/-

=> Alternative Treatment

Max Bupa Health Companion plan cover all such day care treatment like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, laser operations etc up to sum insured. Organ donor is also covered up to sum insured in this plan Emergency ground ambulance is covered upto Rs 3000/- per event.

Domiciliary treatment facility is also available in this plan. Domiciliary treatment means, in case patient did not get admitted in the hospital due to non availability of rooms in hospital. In this situation you can get your treatment done in your home and expenses regarding your home medical treatment are covered in this plan upto sum insured.

Animal bite covered is available to you upto rupees 7500. Alternative treatment facility is also covered in this plan. In case you want to take non allopathic treatments like unani, siddha and ayurveda all these kinds of treatments are  available upto sum insured. It was all about unique features of this plan. Now I will tell you what are the unique benefits of this plan First comes the no claim bonus.

No Claim Bonus

=> 20% and up to 100% of SI

=> Health Check-up Every Year on Renewal

=> Refill Benefit upto 100 % of SI

Unique Benefits of This Max Bupa Health Companion Plan

In Max Bupa Health companion plan you get 20% bonus in case you do not take any claim and it will go upto maximum up 100%. Guys you all know, that day by day medical expenses are touching skies and in coming years we have no idea that how higher our hospital bills will go, this is why Max Bupa provided you claim free bonus every year and the best thing about this is your bonus will never get reduced in case of claim and you don’t have to pay extra premium for this.

Another Benefit of Max Bupa Health Companion Plan

Another benefit of complementary health checkup is provided to you which is completely free of cost and you will get this benefit every year in this plan on renewal of your policy.

Refill Benefit

Refill benefit is also available in case your sum insured will get exhausted at the time of your claim, so company will provide you with the refill amount which is equal to the amount of your base sum insured and other members of your family can use this amount for any illness.

Max Bupa Health Companion

=> Hospital Accommodation and Room rent

=> Single private room available No Co-payment

=> Hospital Cash Upto Rs.4000/- Life Long Renewal

Hospital Accommodation and Room rent

Now guys do you know that room rent is a basic component in the policy, but still few companies set limits on room rent which directly affects customers pocket and apart from this few companies also put co-payment clause in their policies because of which customers need to pay part of treatment from their pocket, but in Max Bupa health companion plan there is no kind of capping in room rents.

Single private room is available to you of any category there is no co-payments at any age in this policy. Hospital cash upto Rs.4000/- is available in this plan. You get the facility of lifelong renewal in this plan. You can take some insured starting from 3 lakhs to 1 crore in this plan. Child age is defined as 91 days to 21 years In this plan for adults minimum age is 18 years and maximum age is not define.

Let’s know about the waiting period of this plan, you get initial waiting period of 30 days and this is not applicable on accidental injuries. For pre existing disease you get the waiting period of 3 to 4 years and for specific disease it is 2 years.

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