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How to Control Mind? Using YOGA

How to Control Mind: Human beings cannot live without a mind and most of the thoughts that spring out from the brain automatically become an action. The nature of the mind always remains a mystery and scientists are trying to extract much interesting info about the function of human brain.

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How to Control Mind Using Yoga and how to control your thoughts

People take conscious decisions based on the mind function and do their duties according to the directions of the brain. Philosophers, saints and spiritual heads often refer mind as the seat of human consciousness.

Neuron scientists and physicians state that a person can improve his mind function to a great extent when he uses his brain positively.

They also further state that only evolved people who have grown intellectually can lead a wonderful life. Human beings rationalize their thoughts and take prompt actions based on their own mind-set.

Mind is also a visual medium that projects lots of past, present and future images and works continuously round the clock. The human mind does not allow a person to see the real life and constantly interfere when he performs a task.

The mind always talks continuously with the heart and builds pressure on the thinker. Mind consistently wanders away to a distance world and puts a person into extreme mental stress.

Neuron scientists, world renowned psychologists and other faculties who are dealing with mental science are extracting valuable info about the anatomy of human brain and its thinking pattern. There is also a saying which goes like this “mind is a devil’s workshop” which means the mind keeps on thinking for hours together.

A lot can happen positively when one control mind

Male and female species can live happily and lead a purposeful life when they learn the art of control mind. Mind is nothing but thoughts that comes out from the brain in different patterns. An uncontrolled mind will result in dangerous actions like suicide, accidents and injuries.

There are ways to control mind and one who practices these time-tested methods will be able to survive on this planet purposefully and happily. Some of the best methods a constant thinker can adopt are listed below: Follow the time-tested methods to control the uncontrollable mind.

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How To Control Mind From Negative Thoughts

A lot of research has been done on how to control your mind, but many people have come to the conclusion that “the brain does not work like a bulb that goes on when it is switched on and turns off when it is switched off.”

Just as you can’t stop your tongue to test something, you can’t stop your heartbeat, so you can’t stop the thoughts that come into your mind.

But the thoughts that come to the mind can be controlled and balanced. When your mind is stable, balanced and focused, then it is possible that you can achieve your goal or target. Let’s know how to control your mind from negative thoughts.

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1. Think about the worst case scenario that may happen

Life is filled with risks and dangers and no one can escape from the divine plan. Negative statements and suggestions will only hamper the free flow of thoughts in the brain.

Think of a better or best solution for the worst negative scenarios that may happen in the life. Worrying is not bad and if a person wants to worry for a while then he should set time for it and worry only during that time.

2. Go for a fast walk or jog for a while for mind control

The best way to beat the stress or worries is to wake up early in the morning and walk on the roads for a while.

People can also use their parks and gardens for walking. Studies have found that walking regularly is good for overall health.

3. Enjoy laughing and laugh loudly during distress times

The mind will disturb a person constantly and will not allow him or her to be happy. So, laugh it out and reduce the stress.

More a person laughs and smiles he can easily control mind.

4. Prepare an achievable plans or objectives

Planning all the objectives, mission and vision always in advance is a wonderful idea since an individual can give shape to them one by one in the future.

When they follow these methods they can keep their negative thoughts at bay and use their mind in productive ways.

5. Always carry an optimistic and positive attitude

Thinking about the negative that had happened in the earlier part of life will only spoil the mood. Always think positively and work out the short term and long term objectives clearly and precisely.

Never listen to negative thoughts and always take a cautious decision in life.

6. Adapt to changing culture and adapt to the prevailing environment

Mind is a disastrous element and it has to be controlled to a great extent. One has to adapt quickly to the changing environment and culture and should not think about what has happened in the past.

7. Over generalizing may prove havoc

Childhood traumas will play havoc and hamper ones growth. Projecting it on to other experiences may prove dangerous.

Always think about the bright future and plan everything systematically to be a winner.

8. Do not come to conclusions

When a person experiences failures and problems they come to the immediate conclusion and that their life has come to a complete standstill and ponder over what has happened in the past.

This is dangerous and harmful for the growth and people should always look out for proper avenues.

9. Catastrophic thoughts are extremely dangerous

If people do not get good jobs they will think that their life is ruined forever and will never think about the future prospects. This is not a good decision. These negative thoughts come out only from the mind.

There are hundreds of jobs that will match one’s requirements and one has to keep on searching for the best ones.

10. Life without an achievable goal is useless

Sketch detailed objectives that can be accomplished shortly and in the long run.

11. Spend few hours with friends and others

Money cannot buy everything and only good friends will provide maximum comfort in one’s life. People who are depressed or facing extreme agitation can invite their friends for a gathering or informal meeting and share their thoughts and emotions with them.

12. Create lots of obstacles and hindrances

The mind will behave dangerously when a person sits idly for hours. When has to create obstacles so that they will not fall prey to bad habits or behaviours.

13. Self-pride and rewarding is also important

People who suffer from traumas, panic and fear can reward themselves when they achieve something.

They can buy chocolates, ice-creams and other refreshing items from the shops and eat after they successfully finish a task.

14. Punishments will also boost energy levels

People can punish themselves when they are unable to achieve the tasks that are allotted to them. The punishments can be simple and also tough ones.

15. The body needs lots of relaxation

People who are restless and stressful can practice meditation and breathing techniques that will rejuvenate their minds.

Friends, today we gave you information about How to Control Mind? Using Yoga and how to control your mind from negative thoughts. How did you like our information, do let us know by commenting.

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