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Amazing Health Benefits of Okra Water (lady finger)

Okra, popularly known as lady’s finger has its own new way of utility. It is said that drinking okra water helps to decrease diabetes. The drink is made by adding okra pods to water and soaking overnight. Some valuable nutrients in the skin and seed pods will be absorbed into the water.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Okra Water, Lady Finger

Lady finger is a well-known vegetable which has its base iron northeast Africa. Its plant is cultivated in the tropical and warm temperature regions around the world.

For the health-conscious crowd, Okra (i.e. lady finger) is an apt vegetable which can be consumed throughout the entire year in boiled, fried and stewed form. It is highly nutritious. It contains potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. It’s low in calories and has high dietary fibre content. Including Okra in your diet has now become a major factor.

Let’s know about the amazing health benefits of lady finger. The advantages of Okra water can be listed as follows:

Fibre for Diet

Increased dietary fibre intake has been shown to promote better glycaemic control and improve insulin sensitivity. Okra contains a lot of fibre. 3 grams of fibre is found in 8 medium-sized pods. This high in fibre quality of Okra has various advantages.

Okra fills your stomach well, it helps indigestion. It also cuts down on hunger cravings Foods that are high in fibre content are an important part of dietary treatment options for diabetes.

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Less of Stress

The increase in stress level in today’s generation is rapid. Okra has a solution for that. Okra gets that in control. The seed extracts of okra have an antioxidant. This antioxidant leads to an anti-stress effect in the bloodstream.

To manage diabetes it is important to manage your stress levels. Increase in stress leads to an increase in sugar levels and in turn increase in the possibilities of having diabetes.

Aids in Lowering Your Cholesterol

One of the factors of having bad diabetic health chances is high cholesterol. Okra i.e. lady finger helps to tackle cholesterol. The high fibre and antioxidant qualities of okra help to lower cholesterol.

The American Heart Association points out that people with diabetes are more likely to have unhealthy cholesterol levels. When high cholesterol levels are combined with diabetes, the approach is not good. Therefore it is very important to ensure that you have healthy cholesterol levels in your diet.

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Less of Tiredness

One study suggests that recovery times and “fatigue levels” can be improved with the use of ladyfinger plant. By incorporating okra in your diet with a healthy exercise routine, you may be able to workout longer and recover more quickly from your exercise.

Cardiovascular activity is an essential part of preventing and treating diabetes. This means that the okra plant (i.e. ladyfinger plant) may contribute to a more active lifestyle.

Okra Water

If you dislike the taste of Okra then drinking Okra water is a good solution. This way, you absorb benefits from it.

Recipe for Okra Water

Ingredients: 2 fresh Okras

How to prepare okra water

Cut the heads and tails and then put 2 to 3 pieces in a glass of water. Leave them overnight, and in the morning, half an hour before your breakfast, drink the whole glass.

Okra is consumed weekly by many people. Little did they know of its wonders!

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