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Deep Cleaning Of Home During Monsoon Season

Monsoon Rainy season feels welcome, especially after the sweltering heat of May. Unfortunately, due to the increased amount of moisture, insects like mosquitoes, roaches, bedbugs, ants, etc. breed in this season. These insects carry harmful bacteria and viruses, spreading diseases like cold, dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc. The number of dust mites also increases in the rains as humidity favours their growth. People who are sensitive to dust mite droppings suffer from allergic rhinitis, and asthma in extreme cases.

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Deep Cleaning Of Home During Monsoon Season

We look after our home and make sure that it is cleanbut in spite of that there are some corners which we generally don’t notice. To keep away these harmful insects and germs, it is advisable to deep cleaning of home at least once a month during the rainy season.

What is Deep Cleaning Home?

Deep cleaning involves cleaning every area of your home thoroughly. It is recommended to deep clean your home at least thrice in a year to get rid of germs. Know the solutions for deep cleaning home.

Tackling The Problem Areas

Cleaning the floors, walls, and ceilings can be problematic for some. When it comes to deep cleaning home floor, it is advised to brush and scrub them thoroughly to remove stains.

Follow it up by wiping the floors with a reliable disinfectant. Walls and ceilings can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner dust bags, a simple dust cloth, or a feather duster.

Electrical appliances and furniture can be dusted with a dry cloth, and then wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Dust patches on the mirrors or windows can be cleaned with a glass cleaner, which must be wiped off with a dry cloth. Can use dust brush cleaner or dust cleaner machine.

Targeting specific areas

Why monsoon season is a good time for you to deep cleaning house.


Kitchen harbours more germs and insects than any other section of your home. You must deep clean your kitchen at least once in two months. Take all the items out of the refrigerator, the kitchen cabinet, drawers, and shelves, then wipe and disinfect them.

Next, thoroughly wipe the electrical appliances in your kitchen with a damp cloth. It is also advised to carefully brush and scrub the kitchen sink as well.

You can use the Euroclean– WDX2, Dynomite or iClean Vacuum Cleaners to deep clean your kitchen.


The damp and enclosed environment of a bathroom makes it an ideal place for germs and other microorganisms to grow. You must thoroughly brush and scrub the floor tiles, wash basin, the bathtub, and other areas of your bathroom. Faucets and pipes must be cleaned with a brush.

The cabinets, drawers, shelves in your bathroom need to be wiped clean and then disinfected. Also, don’t forget to clear and clean the drain holes of your bathroom as well. The Euroclean WDX2 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner helps deep clean your bathroom with ease.

Sofas and Carpets

Your sofas and carpets can be cleaned with the help of a brush or a vacuum cleaner. A fabric soda can be used to thoroughly clean them as well. Euroclean iClean, Dynomite, and Healthpro are perfect for thoroughly cleaning your carpets and sofas.

Euroclean Vacuum cleaners can help keep you and your family safe by deep cleaning and removing dust mites from your home.

While such a comprehensive cleaning routine sounds tedious and time-consuming, it can protect you and your family from harmful insects, germs and illnesses. Alternately, you ca use Euroclean Vacuum cleaners to deep clean your home with ease.

We have given information about the best deep cleaning of home, kitchen, bathroom, sofas and carpets in this post. If you like this information, then definitely comment us in the comment box given below. You must do this much for a healthy home.

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