Curd Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair – Uses of Curd or Yogurt

Curd Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair – Uses of Curd or Yogurt

Curd is a naturally available product. It is one of the major ingredients of commercially available curd beauty product. Curd is having many beauty benefits. Many of us are not aware about the curd beauty benefits. This page Curd Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair – Uses of Curd or Yogurt gives an idea to use curd naturally at home.

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Curd Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair – Uses of Curd or Yogurt

Beauty Tips Using Curd for Sun Tan

Curd is used as a natural sun tan cream. Take 4tsp of green gram powder and add 20ml of curd. Mix well and from a fine paste. This is natural Sun tan cream. Apply the past of curd for face uniformly, leave it for half an hour and wash your face with warm water.

It is one of the best beauty tips using curd still in practice. You can use fresh curd for face pack recipe preparation by increasing the quantity of the ingredients.

Homemade yogurt i.e. curd beauty tips natural care remedies and benefits. Let’s know about the curd benefits for health, skin, hair and uses of curd or yogurt.

Curd for Acne Scars

Curd is also used in skin treatments. You can use curd for acne cure. Take 2tsp of aloe vera pulp content and 2tsp of lemon juice mix well. Then take 2tsp of cured mixed with 2tsp of turmeric powder.

Now combine the aloe vera mixture with curd. Apply the paste for Acne Scars. Follow this remedy to get complete benefits.

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Curd for Body Weight Improvement

If you are looking very thin and want to increase your body weight. It is very simple, drink 100 ml of curd mixed with 2tsp of sugar. Practice this twice a day and add a cup of fresh curd rice with your meals. Curd has many benefits for increasing your body weight and health.

Curd for Dandruff Cure

Curd is used to cure dandruff naturally. Take 50ml of curd and add 5tsp of fenugreek seeds powder. Mix well then add 2tsp of onion juice.

Apply this for your hair scalp 1 hour before going to take hair wash. Continue this thrice a week for 3 months to get complete cure from Dandruff problem.

Beauty tips with Curd for Hair Loss Problem

Take a bunch of curry leaves and henna leaves. Grind well and make a paste. Then add 3tsp of curd mix well. Apply this for your hair to reduce Hair Loss. You can also use fresh curd for washing hairs.

The recipe of curd for hair fall problem:  You can boil 100ml of coconut oil with a bunch of curry leaves, let it cool and add 1tsp of curd in 2tsp of oil.  Apply for your hair to reduce hair fall naturally.

Curd for Gray Hair: Make henna curd paste by grinding into a fine paste. Apply this for gray hair problem

Curd for hair Growth

The combination of Hibiscus leaves and curd induce the hair growth. Grind a bunch of hibiscus leaves by using curs. Make small paste pellets. Put 10 pellets in 100 of coconut oil, warm it and apply for your hair to improve hair growth.

 Curd for Skin Fairness

Take a 2tsp powdered oatmeal, mix 3tsp of tomato juice and 2tsp of curd. Mix well and apply for your face to get fairness. You can apply equal quantity of cucumber juice with curd for skin whitening. Learn more about Natural Tips for Fairness and Beauty Skin Complexion.

Curd Benefits For Oily Skin

Curd Beauty tips give a solution for your oily skin problem. Take 2tsp of sandal wood powder mixed in 1tsp of milk cream and 1tsp of curd is best for oily skin.

You can also use this curd for oily face by adding 1tsp of lemon juice with the same above mentioned ingredients.

Curd for Wrinkles: using cured is a natural remedy for eye wrinkles problem. Apply curd mixed with grape juice for get rid of wrinkles. These are the curd benefits for healthy skin.

Curd Benefits For Weight Loss

According to American Research, curd helps a lot in burning fat. Actually, due to the high amount of calcium present in curd, it helps a lot in reducing weight.

Let us tell you that calcium is found in abundance in curd, which monitors the body mass index (BMI).

About 80 mg of calcium is found in 100 grams of curd, which is not only yogurt i.e curd good for weight loss but also helps in keeping you healthy.

Prepare butter milk from fresh curd. Take 100ml butter milk with 1tsp of honey before taking meal.

Follow the simple natural Curd Beauty tips ideas and get the complete beauty benefits.

Today we gave you information about the best curd benefits for health, skin, hair – uses of curd or yogurt. How did you like this information of ours, do tell us by commenting.

Disclaimer: All information is good but you should do it only after consulting your doctor. Otherwise use them with your own responsibility.

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