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Best Home Remedy For Migraine Headache

Home Remedy For Migraine: Migraine is related to microorganisms in the mouth, gene sequencing of bacteria found that migraine sufferers and non-migraine people had different amounts.

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Best Home Remedy For Migraine Headache

People with migraines have higher numbers of microorganisms in their mouths, which have a relatively neutral ability to modify nitrates. Study first author Antonio Gonzalez from the University of California, San Diego, USA, said the idea that certain foods trigger migraines, such as chocolate, alcohol, and foods high in nitrates in particular, said.

Gonzalez found, we thought that maybe people’s food had to do with their microorganisms and their migraines. Nitrates are found in foods such as processed meats and green leafy vegetables, and in certain medicines. Nitrates can be reduced by bacteria found in the mouth. Let’s know about the best home remedy for migraine headache and ayurvedic treatment for migraine.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Migraine

When it circulates in the bloodstream, it turns into nitric oxide under certain conditions. Nitric oxide aids in heart health by improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. However, in roughly four-five heart patients who take nitrate-containing drugs for chest pain and heart attack complications, complaints of headache have been seen as a side effect.

To find out exactly this, the researchers took 172 samples of bacteria and 1,996 stool samples from mouth samples from healthy individuals. Prior to this, participants had given information about whether or not they were suffering from migraine in the survey.

Genes sequencing of the bacteria found that migraine sufferers and non-migraine people had different amounts. The number of bacteria in the affected people was high. The study is published in the journal ‘M-Systems’.

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Prevention of Migraine

  • In case of migraine, massage the head with light hands.
  • When the headache starts, massage your head as well as your shoulders and neck.
  • In case of headache, dip a towel in warm water and massage it on the painful areas.
  • When the headache increases, slow down the speed of breathing a little, this will give you relief from the discomfort due to pain.
  • Mixing camphor with ghee and massaging it with light hands on the head provides relief in the pain caused by migraines.
  • Eating sugar mixed with butter is also very effective in getting rid of migraines.
  • As soon as you start having migraine pain, grind lemon peel and apply this paste on the forehead. The effect will be visible soon.
  • Aroma therapy also proves to be very effective in migraines. In this therapy, herbal oils are used, which are spread throughout the air with the help of a technique and then it is steamed and poured on the face.
  • Whenever you have migraine pain, listen to your favorite music in low volume, the pain will be relieved.
  • Along with all these things, bring changes in your diet and lifestyle because stress and runaway life is the root of migraine.

This is the best home remedy for migraine headache.

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