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Best Foods For Good Sleep

Best Foods For Good Sleep: Insomnia is considered as one of the most common problems that most people experience daily. It is very hard to just get seven to eight hours of undisturbed sleep in one night. Lack of good sleep comes with a lot of disadvantages such as heart disease, premature aging, and weight gain among many others. The good news is that you can bring insomnia to an end without having to take pills.

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Best Foods For Good Sleep – Happy Health India

Your diet is the key to better nights full of rest just as recommended by doctors. What to eat when you can’t sleep, I will share with you seven types of food that encourage sleep. Let’s know about the best foods for good sleep.


Chickpeas contain lots of vitamin B6 which is essential for the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for sleep. Enough amounts of melatonin help you fall a sleep and also have a good sleep all night long.


Bananas are considered to be a natural source of sleep inducers for so many years now. They stimulate both melatonin and serotonin.

The banana fruit is not only good for sleep but also helps relax your muscles so that you are ready for bed.


Oatmeal is full of carbohydrates which makes it a perfect snack to have before bed. Oatmeal helps in the production of serotonin which helps you have a better mood and feel happier, while at the same time they get digested really slowly hence giving you the feeling of being full all through the night. This helps you avoid waking up at night just to look for food.

Nuts and Seeds

These are good for helping keep your heart healthy and strong. Seeds and nuts also contain fatty acids and omega-3 which end up affecting your mood in a good way.

So try having a cup of flaxseed or almonds just before getting into bed and you will be sure to sleep soundly all night long. Nuts and seeds is the best foods for good sleep.


You can either have baked or fried potatoes they really taste good. They also stimulate the secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone called tryptophan.

Potatoes also have a soothing effect which is good for your mind and body.

Honey and Warm Milk

Warm milk contains tryptophan and calcium while the honey helps relax both your mind and muscles. This drink is both nutritious and delicious and is a natural form of a sleeping pill.

Soothing tea

Milk and honey are not the only beverages that can motivate you to sleep. There are some types of tea such as peppermint, chamomile, and herbal that help stressed-out people relax and even fall asleep faster and for the entire night.

Friends, today we gave you information about the best foods for good sleep. How did you like this information of ours, do tell us by commenting. Your one comment is very valuable for us.

Disclaimer: All information is good but you should do it only after consulting your doctor. Otherwise use them with your own responsibility.

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