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Best 11 Tips To Help You Save Water At Home

Over the years, the problem of water shortage in the country has gone from bad to worse. Many people barely get enough water and have to walk for hours before they can get even a few liters of drinking water.

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Best 11 Tips To Help You Save Water At Home

In these difficult times, it is only fair that those of us who do get our daily supply of water must do our bit towards society and save as much water as possible. It is said that water is life, save water, save life. Let’s know in details on save water, save life paragraph.

How to Save Water At Home Tips

So if you’re looking for ways to save some water, here are a few tips that can help get the job done at home. We have given 11 ways on how to save water at home tips and how to save water in daily life.

1. Repair Dripping Taps

Most of us often take a leaking tap for granted, assuming that since barely a drop falls every few seconds, not much water gets wasted.

However, a tap that leaks one drop every second wastes close to 2,700 litres of water every year. So make sure to repair leaking taps by replacing the washers that are in the taps.

2. Don’t Flush Unnecessarily

Your average flush tank uses close to 5 litres of water per flush. Make sure to throw tissue papers and other waste in the garbage bin and only use the flush when needed. This will help save a lot more water than you can imagine.

3. Buckets Baths Save More

Make sure to use a bucket for a bath rather than a shower. An average bucket uses close to 20 litres of water while a 10-minute shower uses at least 35 litres.

To put that into perspective, if a family of 4 takes bath once a day with a bucket, they save close to 60 litres, more than enough water for 3 more people to have a bath with.

4. Turn Off Taps When Not Needed

Keeping the tap open while brushing can waste close to 15 litres of water. We must ensure to close the tap until we’re done brushing and only open it to clear out the basin.

5. Use Washing Machine On A Full Load Only

If you use a washing machine at home, make sure to only use it when the load is full. If you do happen to use the machine on half a load, use the appropriate amount of water. This will save a lot of water that can be used for other household chores.

6. Water Your Plants With A Bucket

Whether you have a few potted plants or an entire backyard full of them, make sure to water these with a bucket rather than a hose.

In this way, you will have control over the amount of water you pour over the plant and also not waste it when you move from one plant to the next.

7. Install Water-Saving Shower Heads And Taps

Regular shower heads use close to 56 – 95litres of water every five minutes. Water saving shower heads will help you cut that number down by almost 30% – 50%.

These shower heads might be a little costly as compared to others but will definitely help in saving a lot of water in the long run.

8. Saving While Dish Washing

While washing dishes, make sure you scrub all the dishes with soap/dish washing liquid and wash them all together. You could even install an aerator that helps in making the most out the low-flow of water.

9. Check For Leaks in Your Pipes

Use a water meter to check for leaks in your pipes. Turn off all taps and note the reading of the meter. Two hours later check it again and the reading should be the same.

If it has changed then you have a leak in one of your pipes and you should get a plumber to find the problem and get it fixed.

10. Defrosting Food

Don’t use an open tap to thaw your food. Use the ‘defroster setting’ of your microwave or keep the food out overnight for the same result. You will end up saving a lot of water that can be used for other purposes.

11. Water Purification

Being a vast country with several sources of water, there are about 17 different water conditions which exist in India. Most of the time drinking water needs to be purified.

The purification technology you use must be based on the type of water you get and using incorrect purification process can waste a lot of water plus the output water is devoid of the essential natural minerals which water contains and are good for our health.

It is a lose-lose scenario which is why choosing the right water purification technology is necessary. Fill your details in the comment box below and we will help you find the right water purifier based on your water source.

Let us keep the above points in mind and save as much water as we can as a family, society and nation.

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