World Breastfeeding Week

Celebrated every year from August 1 to 7, World Breastfeeding Week is observed to promote breastfeeding. It is a universal solution, which gives a new lease of life to the mother and the infant alike. Breastfeeding is essential to enhance and improve the survival of the baby and the mother. This week is commemorated to support the cause of breastfeeding, without any shame attached to it. This week was first celebrated in 1992. Now, it a common objective of more than 120 partner countries of WHO, UNICEF and other government bodies to make breastfeeding a natural phenomenon for new mothers. There is a need to empower women regarding the multiple health benefits associated with breastfeeding. We have had iconic women supporting this cause on a global platform but the fight still prevails for motivating people to come out in public and support the cause.
It is the need of the hour to educate masses about the importance of breastfeeding. Also, it is not just the mothers but also the father and the other members of the family to know how important it is for them to support and encourage breastfeeding in the first 6 months of the child birth. As we say, breastfeeding is a team effort, when only the woman is comfortable in feeding the child irrespective of the place and the people. The need to educate everyone about breastfeeding and removing the stigma associated with it is the reason behind celebrating World Breastfeeding Week every year, inspiring women to come out and spread awareness about #noshameinbreastfeeding.