6 Resistance Band Exercises To Lose Arm Fat

By Bharati Kumari
2023-08-03,14:04 IST

Resistance band has been gaining popularity as a more versatile alternative to traditional dumbbells. Here are six resistance band exercises to lose arm fat.

Bicep curl

This exercise can tone up your arms by targeting the biceps and forearms. You can set the difficulty level higher by double folding your band.

Forward Raise

This move targets your deltoids and strengthens your shoulders. Try to create extra resistance by pausing as you lift your arms and lowering them slowly.

Triceps Pull

Fold your band and grab one end above your head while holding the other firmly behind your back. This will tone up your triceps and reduce arm flab.

Overhead Press

Lifting a resistance band over your head requires great arm strength. This move targets your triceps as well as your oblique muscles.

Lateral Raises

Lateral raises can tone your arms as well as the armpit area. With this move, you work up your deltoid muscles and pectoral major.

Bent over row

This is a great move for your entire upper body. This compound exercise targets the back, abs, and biceps. Keep your core tight to avoid straining your neck.


Resistance band is a great equipment to build muscles and reduce fat. Although, it is important to acknowledge that targeted fat reduction isn't possible.