How To Take Care Of New Piercings

By Bharati Kumari
2023-08-03,14:38 IST

Piercings require puncturing of body parts to make an opening for jewellery. While it can make you look cool, not taking proper care can have health implications

High-quality metal

It is important to go for gold or stainless steel piercings as metals like copper, nickel, and white gold may cause an allergic reaction.

Don't tug your piercing

At first, the piercing can feel like a foreign sensation which can tempt you to turn and tug it. However, this can irritate the punctured skin.

Say No To Rubbing alcohol

Some people use rubbing alcohol to clean the pierced area. This can dehydrate the wound and cause it to bleed. Stick to water and soap only.

Avoid Swimming

While you can shower, refrain from swimming or soaking in water bodies until the piercing is fully healed. There are many harmful bacteria in the water which can infect the open skin.

Saline Solution

If you notice mild swelling or crust around the piercing, you can use a saline solution to clean the area. It is advised to use non-iodised sea salt.


If you experience mild inflammation around the punctured skin, you can use an ice cube to reduce the swelling.


While mild swelling and redness in normal in new piercings, it is important to visit a doctor if you notice severe symptoms.