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Fashion Vs. Style

Fashion is something that is in trend and people follow that trend. For example, some clothing trend or popular accessories that celebs are adorning or some makeup trend that is getting popularity, etc. All this is counted as fashion. The only aim in such a case is to look trendy and fashionable. In case you don’t know, fashion changes daily! Something that was fashionable last week might be out-of-fashion now. It is all about what’s raging and trending that mass population would follow. Every person has a personal fashion trend that they follow as per their age, gender, mood, style preferences, etc. Not everyone is into trending fashion but some people like to adapt sustainable fashion which can go a long way. Also, there are influencers and celebrities that influence fashion trends which general public follows until a new fashion trend comes into the market. Change in fashion is a constant factor and varies by gender, season and type.

Style, on the other hand is a more personal thing. While fashion is variable, style is more or less constant. Style is what your personality is. How you style yourself showcases you as a person. One can get influenced by other’s style but when they adapt it, it becomes their style. Fashion and style are two sides of a coin but they don’t need to be merged.

Types of Fashion

Let us talk about fashion in detail. There are various sections that we can put fashion into and gender-wise fashion is the first and the most important section. But before that we would like to tell you about type of fashion in general according to styling.


This fashion is something that is everlasting. Classic fashion is an umbrella term for styles and clothing that never goes out of fashion. This also includes clothing materials that are timeless such as cotton and khadi that have a permanent place in wardrobes. Besides, plain solid colour t-shirts, blue denims, white shirt, saree, etc. are some examples of classic fashion that you must have in your wardrobe.


This fashion is synonymous to comfort. Whatever makes you comfortable is casual. In most cases, casual fashion includes comfy t-shirts, printed shirts, flats, sandals, torn jeans, etc. Most people prefer this kind of fashion on weekends, holidays and casual dining. 


The other terms for sporty fashion is Athleisure. This is basically all about sports wear and athletic wear like track pants, sweatshirts, gym wear, bike shorts, etc. While these are meant to be worn in sports and athletic activities, some people like to sport these looks onto the streets and so, this makes it sporty fashion.


This is one of the popular fashion trend that is quite in these days. ‘Boho’ is the other word that is used for bohemian fashion. This fashion gives the hippie vibe with earthy toned natural fabrics, lot of junk jewelry, accessories, etc. If we talk about clothing pieces, bohemian style hallmarks are long skirts, maxi dresses, slouchy handbags, bell-bottom pants, hair scarf, etc.

Seasonal fashion trends

Fashion changes with season as you cannot follow the same fashion in summers as in winters. Thus, your fashion and styling changes with season. Here are the main classifications of seasonal fashion trends

  • Summer Fashion
  • Winter Fashion
  • Autumn or Fall Fashion
  • Spring Fashion

Occasion fashion

The second trend is occasional fashion which is all about fashion according to occasions. Obviously, you cannot wear same outfit for an offical meeting and for a wedding party. There has to be some classification that makes your look different. Thus, fashion according to occasion is also important. Here are sub-categories of occasional fashion trends.

Festive Fashion

We have festivals throughout the year like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Rakshabandhan and many other folk festivals. During this time people follow different types of clothes and fashion trends. Along with this, many types of jewelry and hairstyles are also used.

Wedding fashion

The fashion of marriage and engagement is completely different in different countries around the world and in different provinces in India too. Every region in India has its own colours, special clothes, special ornaments and special adornments. It is different for men, women, elders and even children. In such a situation, fashion changes every time in the season of weddings. 

Party Fashion

If you are going on a party or a date with someone, then you choose a different type of clothes for yourself. Actually, your look can be classic with western while going on a party and date. That is, it can look completely different types. 

Work wear Fashion

Your style and fashion are totally different even during office events. During this time you can look completely different. During this, you can also wear professional clothes, as well as you can also wear some different trendy clothes. 

With all this you have to understand that fashion and style are synonymous with each other. To look fashionable it is necessary to have fashion sense. Actually fashion means that whatever you wear, it should be comfortable as well as suit you. Therefore, along with clothes, you should take care of things like body composition, skin tone, attitude i.e. how you are presenting yourself in front of people and how attractive the look is. If you are fashionable, it is very important to have your own unique style. So, in this category, find a lot of things related to fashion and changing style especially for you.