Can Coronavirus Survive On Surfaces And Outside The Body?

Amidst the panic of coronavirus spread across the world, the question has arisen as to how long this virus can remain alive. 

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Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Feb 25, 2020 13:03 IST
Can Coronavirus Survive On Surfaces And Outside The Body?

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Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has become the second name of panic worldwide! The increased infection of coronaviruses has caused worldwide deaths and many countries have closed borders with others. 79,636 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed so far, of which 11,568 people are in very critical condition. The growing concerns of the rapid spread of this deadly virus in other countries have raised the question of how long this virus can remain alive on the surface.

China will withdraw notes

Fearing the rapid spread of coronaviruses, the Central Bank of China has decided to clean and destroy a large number of currency notes as they pass through multiple hands during the day, according to a news website.

Coronavirus is a transmitted disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), coronaviruses are a group of viruses found in most animals and some rare cases, such as zoonotic. It is an infection transmitted from animals such as bats to humans.

Corona spreads by sneezing and coughing


According to the CDC, coronaviruses spread due to respiratory problems such as sneezing and coughing and their poor condition on the surface. According to the CDC website, a person can get coronavirus from touching a surface or something because it can cause infection. And when you touch that surface and apply it to your mouth, nose or your eye, there is a high chance of spreading the virus.

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Anyone can be infected

According to the CDC, the flu virus can live on a specific surface for up to 48 hours and potentially infect a person even if the surface is not infected.


Corona can live for nine days

According to research published in the Journal of Hospital Infections, human coronaviruses such as SARC and MERC can survive continuously on inanimate surfaces for up to nine days. According to the report, it is believed that cleaning with common disinfection products can make a difference on the surface. Research has also found that human coronaviruses can be inactivated within one minute by cleaning the surface with approximately 62–71 per cent ethanol, 0.5 per cent hydrogen peroxide, or 0.1 per cent sodium hypochlorite or bleach. This research has been done by analyzing 22 previously published studies on coronaviruses.

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5 minutes

University of California Infection Disease Professor Dr Charles Chiu says that based on the currently available data, I would like to say that we are initially reliant on SARS coronavirus data. SARS Coronavirus is closely related to the Novel Coronavirus, and investigations have so far revealed that the two have similarities of up to 80%. Surface survival for SARS coronaviruses ranges from 5 minutes to nine days.

Need more study

He added, "However, these findings are very difficult to extrapolate to novel coronaviruses due to the various factors, viral titers and environmental conditions that were tested in various studies as well as the lack of data on coronaviruses. However, for how long the coronavirus can survive on the surface, more research needs to be done using more cultures".

Source:( CNN)

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